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Raise funds to support your organization by offering supporters fashion t-shirts with an inspirational message.  No more cookies or pizza to raise funds (no disrespect to cookies and pizza) , Uplifting Stuff offers our full line of

t-shirts for men, women, and children that your supporters can get behind.  Choose from our current line of

t-shirt styles, or, select a particular design(s) and customize the t-shirt and ink color.  

For each t-shirt you sell, your organization raises $5 towards your fundraising goals. The regular price for

t-shirt sold on our website is $25, however, your customers receive a discounted price of $20 for each t-shirt for supporting your organization. 


Step #1: Fill out the Fundraising Interest Form.

Step #2: An representative will contact you to discuss how you would like to customize your fundraising program.

Step #3: Bring the members of your fundraising team together to provide instructions, provide order forms, and determine the cut off date for orders.

Step #4: Take pre-orders (t-shirt design, sizes, quantities) and collect $20 for each individual t-shirt order. 

Step #5: Submit all order forms and $15 to Uplifting Stuff for each t-shirt order placed. Your organization retains $5 for each t-shirt order for your fundraising goals. 

Step #6: Orders will be fulfilled within 3-4 weeks and shipped to you.

You can quickly raise $1,000 or more by simply getting at least 10 people in your organization to sell 20 t-shirts each. For more information, please complete the below Fundraising Interest Form. 


Fundraising Interest Form.

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